High strength steel connections for circular steel construction

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RFCS - 101112300


CONNECT4C focuses on developing ready-to-use, standardized solutions for demountable, reusable, and adaptable 3D connections, taking advantage of the enhanced performance of advanced steel grades. The project will promote a circular economy in the steel construction industry, thus leading to significant environmental savings through life cycle thinking and digitalization, while maintaining the competitiveness of the European Economy.

Inspired by the high-priority societal demand for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE), CONNECT4C strives to enhance circularity in steel construction by developing innovative, demountable, and adaptable connection systems, which are key enablers for the effective reusability of structural steel elements (beams and columns), independently of their exact dimensions (length), by allowing the possibility for large tolerances. Finally, CONNECT4C encourages the development of steel connections with optimized performance not only at the macro level, but also at the component level, for which the use of high-strength steel (HSS) and long bolts is envisaged.

By implementing specific tools (design and erection guidelines, web applications, BIM IFC classes) in which the developed systems will contemplate the life cycle benefits of reuse (social, economic and environmental), the project will significantly contribute towards digitalization and circularity in steel construction, resulting in high levels of sustainability and adaptability over the lifetime of a building.

CONNECT4C will be brought to success by a complementary and experienced European team, embracing the synergies between academic and industrial partners, whereby the knowledge acquired through comprehensive technical studies will be shared to different stakeholders (society, practitioners, manufacturers, construction companies, technical committees) following a systematic dissemination plan.

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