Quality is a priority aspect for JUPA, S.A. in order to manufacture and assembly aerospace products.

Our company, through its quality system, has the following objectives:

– Satisfy our clients and other Interested Parties by meeting their established requirements, delivery dates and other needs and expectations.

– Demonstrate to these Interested Parties our concern and commitment with the quality of our service now and in the future by incorporating cutting-edge processes in the sector.

For this, the current, annually improved, quality system has the following GENERAL OBJECTIVES:

– Organization and quality management with a vision of the future.

– Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the sector, specific requirements of clients, as well as others, external or not, that the organization determines necessary to generate trust in our company.

– Communicate to the organization, through this policy, the importance of meeting these requirements. Disseminate quality objectives at all levels of the company.

– Effective Management and control of manufacturing, support, and strategic processes.

– Ensure the SAFETY of the product by evaluating the necessary measures, as well as the security ensuring confidentiality of all information and personal data in accordance with current legislation.

– Lead and promote our commitment with quality and continuous improvement at all levels of the company.

– Training for all workers to ensure the correct development of activities in the company

– Promote a risk analysis-based approach to ensure that the intended results are achieved.

Raúl Manzanedo Ugena
Director de JUPA,S.A.

Quality policies in pdf file


JUPASA es una empresa plenamente comprometida con la fabricación y desarrollo de productos altamente tecnológicos. Nuestro sistema de calidad tiene como soporte fundamental las normas UNE-EN-ISO-9100 y UNE-EN- ISO-9001, contando además con un personal debidamente formado y motivado, que participa en el logro de los objetivos y la mejora continua.